Gillette Venus Razor Review

Hello again world!

Today’s post is all about the gillette venus razor and my thougths on it!

These are my own thoughts and opinions this is not sponsored in anyway.

So I recently needed a new razor, and went out shopping to look for the best and the most effective and I came across this razor, it stated on the packaging that you don’t need shaving cream or anything! So I thought I would put it to the test, and it truly doesn’t; you see this razor has moisture bars on it with gel that activates when water gets on it, so I tried it out and got incredible results!

The package that I got you have to attach the razor to the handle yourself so please be careful!

I don’t know how the gel will react to different people skin types I am no expert so please be careful and watch out for irritation!

It is a decent price and you can get them from any supermarket as far as I know.

Thank you for reading!

I will putting up some more blog posts during this next week!

Until the next blog..

Aurora xoxo


Sunshine Blogger Award

I have been nominated by for the sunshine blogger award and I am honored. I want to thank her for nominated me and for being an amazing friend and blogger.

Her blog is


For anyone who doesn’t know what the sunshine blogger award is (like I didn’t know until today), it is an peer award recognition; you are nominated by fellow bloggers! This is to show other bloggers that they are doing a fantastic job and spread love and appreciation.

The rules to this are as follows-

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their site.

2.List the sunshine blogger award rules and display their logo on your site.

3. Answer the sunshine blogger award questions given by the other person who nominated you.

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.

5. Notify the nominees about their nominations.

So here goes the questions:

What do you most enjoy about blogging?

For me it is about connecting with other people and the thought of helping them through something they are going through.

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog as I had seen other blogs and wanted to give it a try myself and see how it went, and then it became about interacting/connecting with people and making a difference.

Why did you name you blog what you did?

Well I named my blog Aurorazbeauty as I wasn’t ready to put my own name out there and I wanted to have a Disney princess name as part of my blog and aurorazbeauty sounded the best to me.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone who’s going to start blogging?

Well my advice would be before you start blogging research a lot, I didn’t research the best I could have. I would say that even when you feel like giving up, never stop trying because you will get where you want to be one day. Also schedule and plan! No joke pre-plan and schedule properly!

What is your favourite show?

Currently my favourite show is Lucifer and I recommend you watching it if you haven’t already; I have a lot of shows I love but this one is the best show in a long time I have watched.

Where’s your favourite place to travel?

Well I haven’t traveled to many places, so I think my favourite place I have been must be Southport; I went there on holiday with my boyfriend and his family and it was amazing, the caravan, the beach, the amusement park, it was an amazing holiday.

Place I would like to travel to?

France for Disneyland Paris, I have wanted to go for well over 10 years now and there is talk about going in the next few years however I need to save up and get a passport etc. I am 20 years old so by the time I go I will be nearly in my mid 20’s. I have never been but my boyfriend has when he was little so it was be a dream come true to go to Disneyland.

What is your dream job?

My fantasy dream job would be to work with Disney.

My reality dream job is beautician.

I say fantasy and reality as that is what I generally call it, it is what me and my boyfriend have said for years.

Biggest goal for my blog?

My biggest goal for my blog is to make a difference in someone’s life. I would find that my greatest achievement for my blog.

What is your biggest aspiration?

As cheesy as it is going to sound, my boyfriend. But it is the truth, he saved my life and has been there for me through thick and thin, we have gone through alot together the past 3 and a half, nearly 4 years. He is there for me when I need him, he will be the shoulder to cry on and will give me a kick in the ass when it is needed. He strives me to be a better person every day.

My nominations for the sunshine blogger are:












My questions are:

When did you first start your blog?

Why did you start a blog?

What inspires you most about blogging?

What are your goals from blogging?

What do you do to relax?

What would be your perfect day?

What is your happiest memory?

What is your favourite book?

What is your favourite film?

What is your favourite beauty product?

Are you an early morning bird or a night owl?

Thank you again to @timetotalk for the nomination, this has been fun. Until the next time!

Aurora xoxo


Hello again lovelies, I made a blog post not long ago about mental health, I wanted to elaborate more.

I want to share more about ADHD and my journey..

My journey starts a few years ago when I met my boyfriend, his mom noticed something different in me which got me wondering.

I was watching big bang theory and realised some of my behaviour was similar to Sheldon’s so I started doing research and came to the conclusion I wasn’t truly like Sheldon and the questions continued. I started researching about different types of autism to see if I could find something, anything to explain why I felt and acted the way I did.

Then one day I was looking on Facebook and found a post describing how I felt.

It was this photo that first made me question ADHD.

I read this post and immediately thought, oh my god that is me. I started researching about ADHD and symptoms and found out more, then I made the decision to go to the doctors.

I went to the doctors and was referred to my local hospital for appointments, I then was given appointments for my anxiety which did help. I had a few meetings about the potential for ADHD, I was referred to a specialist as I was showing signs; a few months went by and a couple of days after Christmas day I had the appointment with the specialist who gave me at least 3 tests to do, I had to sit and discuss about my symptoms, this took over an hour.

Then on my 20th birthday I went back up to the hospital and was officially diagnosed with ADHD, this gave me some mixed feelings, I was happy to finally get an answer but also sad and scared as I know there is no cure as it is a neurological condition.

I have been offered medication however I am not ready to go on any. I have struggled with coming to accept my diagnosis.

I am in no way saying anything bad about medication, I just am personally not ready to take it.

I am finally started to come to terms with the diagnosis and have been researching strategies as I love research. I have found a few that I am working on but I am going to wait and see how effective they are for me, I am in no way saying this will work for you, I just want to share some support.

Sleep: I recently read that for some people with ADHD, we can struggle getting to sleep, waking up/tossing and turning all night and can struggle getting up in the mornings; for me that is true apart from the waking up, I have 2 modes, can’t wake up or awake and up no matter what time it is; anyways this is what I have found so far-

  • Have a set bed time, I haven’t found one yet as it depends what I am doing and whether or not it is a weekend but I think it is a good idea.
  • Get up, even if you are tired, I am still trying to work this one out, so if you have any suggestions then please let me know.
  • Dark room, for me I have always struggled in a dark room unless my boyfriend is there with me but I have found even having the light on the dimmest switch can help.
  • Implement a quiet hour, I have tried this a couple of times and it was semi – effective, you have an hour before bed with no screens or technology and you read or write and just try and relax before bed which is easier said than done.
  • Light exercise before bed, this has helped me, you do just a few little bits for a workout to try and get yourself tired.

Managing emotions: I know that I suffer from mood swings and quite a lot of them, my mood changes like the click of a finger, I am learning and trying to control it which can be difficult. I have researched and found out that people with ADHD may not always know why our mood has changed which has happened to me before, you can feel guilt or embarrassment that you don’t feel in control of your emotions; I myself deal with emotional dysregulation which basically means I am not sure how to handle, control and what my emotion I am feeling.

Strategies I have found that can help with this are:

  • Take a breath, especially if your emotion is anger, take a second walk away from the situation if you are able to, try and break down the situation into steps thinking about what you and the other person has said, give yourself some time and then when you are calm, think about the situation and how it can be solved.
  • Keep an emotions diary, I did this for a while but I keep forgetting to do it at night; you write down what emotions you felt during the day, why you felt them, and then an overall summary of how the day/your mood was.
  • Taking your mind off the emotion, do something that will keep you occupied, maybe something you love.

I will do a post purely on strategies soon, sorry this blog was so long but I truly hope it helps someone.

If you want to talk about it please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can contact me in the comments or you can direct message me on my twitter which is @auroroazbeauty.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.

My 2-3 week skincare update

Hello my lovelies, I have finally got round to doing my skincare update, a few weeks ago I uploaded my May monthly favourites, I said I would update you all on my skincare routine and my review on my facewash.

Pic 1 (2-3 weeks ago)
Pic 2 (2-3 weeks ago)

These are the pictures from a couple of weeks ago when I had just started using my Neutrogena face wash.

I have used the face wash every morning and night a part from a couple where I was really tired in all honesty. In this post I want to give an honest review on the product and be honest about my skincare routine; the product itself is amazing, the grapefruit smell is amazing, the face wash always make my face feel fresh and clean.

My skincare needs improvement as I realised I was putting too many products on my face and making it worse, but now I have got a better routine of face wash day and night, facial scrub every couple of days and then a face mask 1-2 face masks a week.

Pic 1 (today)
Pic 2
Pic 3

These pictures are from today, although I still have spots, I have noticed less redness.

I would recommend the Neutrogena Grapefruit facial wash and scrub.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Aurora xoxo

Mental Health

My mental health journey..

Hello lovelies, as part of my June goals I want to write more blogs so this blog is about my mental health and my journey.

I have always dealt with anxious feelings and was a shy child, but my anxiety didn’t fully develop until I had left high school and was going into sixth form; it was a big change and my nan had MND (Motor Neuron Disease) and she was dying, it was a very stressful time and I didn’t have many friends. This was early 2016 and I was diagnosed extreme anxiety. I did have counselling but that didn’t work out unfortunately.

I have struggled with highs and lows for years, this may be part of my ADHD.

I have struggled with sleeping problems all of my life, waking up throughout the night and struggling to get to sleep, I have also struggled with some social anxiety over the years; struggling to make and maintain friendships which has got more difficult as I got older.

I also struggle with disassociation which I have only just found out the actual name for the feeling, I have had the feeling of it on and off for years but only recently found out it was called it.

I have a few coping strategies, I do want to say and make a disclaimer that what might work for me, may not work for you, I only give these as examples.

  • Challenge thoughts: Challenge the anxious thought you are having, is it fact or fiction.
  • Writing all your worries down and putting them into a worry box.
  • Relaxation: Having a calming bath , reading a book, listening to music, watching a tv show, having anxiety gum.
  • There are also apps which you can get:
  • SAMapp, Chill Panda, My Coping Plan, Mood Tools and Daylio.

You can also try a gratitude list, listing 5 things you are grateful for, writing down goals, meditation.

If you are really struggling then please reach out to a professional if you haven’t already, and if that hasn’t worked for you then I am sorry. I know this does not always help or work.

Thank you reading this blog

Aurora xoxo

June Goals

June Motivation

Hello lovelies, today may be a bit of a shorter blog but I thought I would share with you all my June goals.

One of my goals for the month is to create more content on my blog, I have a few blog posts planned throughout the month.

Another goal is to read more, I want to aim to read at least 2 books by the end of the month, unfortunately I do struggle with concentration with my ADHD, so it does take me a while to get through a book.

I want to become more organised, I want to organise and sort out my social medias and try and be more active, I do work full time so I am trying to schedule out my social media posts. I also want to get organised in my personal life as well.

I want to practice on my makeup skills as I do plan on posting makeup looks in the future when I am more confident.

Sorry that this blog post is so short today, I am working and planning on more blog posts!

Aurora xoxo


Hello lovelies! I wanted to share my primark and disney haul!

I went to the new primark and it was a truly amazing experience, there were street signs, there were I believe 5 floors, the womens and mens section were very big and had waiting areas! The makeup section was wonderful and had plenty of options.

There is a womens hairdressers and mens barber shop; the Disney Cafe is on the very top floor, the Harry Potter section is also on the very top floor for everyone who is thinking of going.

I got my oufits, my toy story makeup bag, my nails, nail varnishes, socks, perfume and toy story cushion all from Primark; the dunagrees and jeans were over £10, all other items were below £10.

My Mrs.Nesbit pop figure was just over £10 and was from Forbidden Planet.

My planner was from Waterstones and was £6.

Everything from this haul was reasonably priced, and I am looking forward to going back in the future and purchasing more items!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Aurora xoxo

May monthly favourites

Hello again everyone and welcome back to my blog, I wanted to share with you all my May monthly favourites; below is a picture of all the products that I have loved this past month. Lets dive in!

I will start off with my 7th Heaven cucumber peel off face mask which I have talked about before, I love this face mask, I use it a couple of times a week; it is soothing on the skin, smells nice and my face feels fresh after I have used this mask. It is cruelty free, it has lime, jasmine and cucumber in the ingredients to give the face a healthy glow which it has done for me, it gently removes dirt and grime off the face. I will state that on the tube it does say that it is for oily, normal and combination skin however I had got sensitive skin and my skin has been fine but please test this on your inner arm before use. It is £5.00 from Wilkinsons.

Next is my Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash, that I have recently purchased but am loving, it goes part of my new skin routine to try and help my spots; I will be giving my 2 week review next week! I love this face wash as it smells amazing, it helps eliminate spots and blackheads; it has left my skin feeling as fresh as a daisy. I got this face wash for £4.00 from Sainsburys.

I have also loved the Febreze Lavender Air mist, I use this everynight before bed, I spray it around my bedroom and spray it on my pillow whilst I am getting ready for bed; I have always found Lavender to be a calming smell and it has helped me get to sleep for years so I highly recommend! I got this from Wilkinsons however I cannot remember the price; sorry!

Next up is my perfume which is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, it was first bought for me at Christmas but I then ran out and had to buy my own, it smells wonderful and I use it most days when I go out, I have a couple of different perfumes but this perfume is one of my top go to’s.

Then I have my “The Little Book of Mindfulness”, this book has so many tips on mindfulness and coping mechanisms, I got it after being diagnosed with my ADHD and told it could help which it has, I also suffer from Anxiety but I will go more in depth on that in another blog, the book is small and travel size so you can take it with you when you are out if you need it. I got this book from Amazon.

This next favourite is a recent purchase but a good one at that, it is the technic setting spray which I got from Bodycare to try out and I have no regretted it, I have used it the past couple of weeks and it is amazing, I have found my makeup lasts longer throughout the day, it is a nice cooling mist which is great, I highly recommend.

I purchased my Lavender hand and body lotion a while ago from Marks and Spencers and I have been loving it, I use it after my showers, especially if I have shaved my legs. I also use it as a moisturizer before my makeup; I have found that the scent keeps me calm and that the moisturizer helps my dry skin.

Lastly my got 2b Argan Oil, this has been my absolute live saver with my hair this past month, I use it everytime I wash my hair and I have noticed it has made my hair look shiner and healthier, I love the smell of it and it is one of my go to hair products!

I just want to state that this blog is in no way an ad or sponsored, these are my own views and reviews of the products that I have purchased and loved.

Thank you for reading my blog, follow me for more content, I usually post on my social medias when I will make a post so watch out for them!

If you would like to you can visit me on my social medias, links will be down below.




5 facts about me

Hello all, I have decided to a little blog post stating 5 simple facts about myself in order for you to get to know me a little bit, I will do more posts like this and elaborate on them but I thought I would start off simple.

1. I am from the United Kingdom, this goes into the fact I have never been outside the United Kingdom before, nope never been abroad which I would like to soon however I also need to get a passport.

2. I am 20 years old and am new to blogging. If my page hasn’t gave me away already I am new to blogging and am still trying to figure it all out, I have read on some tips for new bloggers which I intend to use.

3. I have ADHD. I did an introductory blog to this not long ago but I was diagnosed early this year on my birthday, I had wondered about it for a couple of years but never had the courage to go to the doctors but finally took the big step and it paid off. There are struggles to it but I am working it out.

4. I have loved beauty for years. I think I started experimenting with makeup and watching makeup tutorials in early high school, I didn’t understand what things were and how to apply makeup properly. My makeup skills have improved over the years but I am no beauty guru.

5. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years this year, this fact is important to me as he has helped me with so many struggles over the years and stuck by me when others left, he treats me like a Queen. I just recently told him about starting my blog and he is very supportive.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Aurora xoxo

My Pamper Night

My pamper night essentials are most defiantly face masks, I don’t have a bath so unfortunately I can’t have bubble baths to relax, so I have to alternate my pamper nights. I have shower pamper nights where I use lovely smelling soaps and shampoos, setting a nice atmosphere. I use my argon oil after washing my hair which you can see on my Instagram; I use this as it makes my hair nice, soft and shiny. I then use my face masks.

Nights like tonight I will just cleanse my face and use my face masks and for that I use a few face masks which are pictured below. I use my new Nivea gentle cleansing wipes which help me get all the dirt of my face from the day I have had, I will then use my Asda Tea Tree 3 in 1 mask, scrub and cleanser, I will leave this one for a few minutes to help refresh and cleanse my face, I then use my natural face mask which is a new purchase to help with oily skin as my skin has got quite oily lately, then I will use my cucumber peel off mask which cools my skin then finish off with my 7th Heaven Black Clay Peel Off mask which removes dead skin and blackheads.

Thank you for reading this blog!

Until the next time

Aurora xoxo

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